Motions Hearing Rescheduled

Yesterday was the date of my motions hearing, where the court was to rule on the various motions my attorney has made in preparation for my jury trial stemming from my Occupy Denver arrest, but it was rescheduled to March 9 (and my trial has been rescheduled to April 30). While I was walking down the 16th Street Mall to the court house, a girl with a clipboard asked me to donate to Planned Parenthood. I told her I support health care, even for women, but that I didn’t have any extra money. She was disappointed, but she still gave me a high-five for wearing a skirt.

My hearing and trial were rescheduled because the state troopers who arrested me will be out of town on the original trial date. After finding out about the change of dates I met up with my sister downtown, so it was still a worthwhile $8 bus fare to Denver.