The Life of Julia

Here’s a piece of animated and parallax-transitioning propaganda (no Flash required!) from Obama For America:

It’s the life story of a character named Julia and how she benefits from the kind of state programs Obama is working towards. At age 3 she enrolls in a program to “get her ready for school,” at age 17 she takes the SAT, she can afford college thanks to grants and loans, she works for four years as a full-time web designer, has a son, starts a business (and hires employees), enrolls in Medicare at age 65, retires at age 67 and tends a garden while living off of Social Security…​ and, presumably, at some point after her 67th birthday Julia dies.

It never occurred to me to illustrate the drab meaninglessness of life under liberal capitalism by attempting to highlight its good points. Luckily the creative folks behind the Obama campaign overlook nothing.

Is that the life people want? School and work and an implied death? Is that the ends of society for which we defend to the pain (of others) the sacred institutions of property, military, family, and the rule of law? If that is happiness, I’ll take Luke’s beatitudes.

Kevin Carson offers an alternative, more realistic, narrative for Julia: The Life of Julia Under Anarchy.