'We Need Occupy to Be Our Tea Party'

Bill Maher: “Maybe it’s time for Occupy to actually participate in the American political process…​ In fact, we need Occupy to be our Tea Party.”

I have a strong urge to vote for Romney just to spite people like this. Then when Romney wins and they’re all, like,“What happened? It’s the end of the world!” I can say, “You’re the one who told me to vote, sucker.”

In fact the closest I’ve ever come to voting in a national election was in 2004 when MoveOn.org somehow programmed all those kids to “get out the vote” and made me want nothing more than to vote for Bush just so they could see what happens when people vote. It was so bad that Stone and Parker didn’t even have to exaggerate when they wrote the “Vote or Die” episode of South Park that October. Well, maybe a little.

YouTube Clip: Real Time With Bill Maher: New Rule - The Tent Offensive