My Religion - What I Believe

Because creeds are fun:

With Diogenes of Sinope in ancient Athens I believe the Good Life is not found in the institutes of the polis. With Jesus of Nazareth at the rise of the Roman Empire — who did not merely deface the currency, but disregarded it based on the face that it bore (Caesar’s) — I believe not only the Good Life, but True Life, is found apart from the kingdoms of earth. With Bakunin (and an entire chorus of voices) at the rise of industrial capitalism I cry that the Good Life of the individual does not exist apart from a Good Society free from authoritarian rule.

The Cynics were returned their mockery, the Christians executed on stakes, the Socialists and Anarchists imprisoned and demonized. Yet this is what I believe - I am a Cynic, a Christian, and an Anarchist.