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——————————— Thursday 21, June 2018 ———————————
running - site -
Stumbled upon this running weblog while reading about marathon training plans. I like her race reports.
running -
An excellent review of JD's marathon plan by Trent Gill. This is basically the plan I'm planning to follow this summer.
running -
Greg Kroleski's account of his 8:09:48 Boston Marathon this year.

And he got some press coverage:
running -
A nifty spreadsheet with some useful tools for people who train according to Daniels' Running Formula. Works fine in LibreOffice Calc.
running -
Greg Kroleski's marathon training plan, loosely based on Jack Daniels' formula, which got him to a 2:42 finish. Interesting to me because he only ran 5 days a week and averaged less than 42 miles per week, less than what I plan, but is much master than me. (He also has a plan where he runs only 3 days a week.)