Server requirements


Release information

Supported versions

Version Status Shaarli compatibility
7.0 Supported
5.6 Supported
5.5 EOL: 2016-07-10
5.4 EOL: 2015-09-14 ✅ (up to Shaarli 0.8.x)
5.3 EOL: 2014-08-14 ✅ (up to Shaarli 0.8.x)

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Dependency management

Starting with Shaarli v0.8.x, Composer is used to resolve,
download and install third-party PHP dependencies.

Library Required? Usage
shaarli/netscape-bookmark-parser All Import bookmarks from Netscape files


Extension Required? Usage
openssl All OpenSSL, HTTPS
php-mbstring CentOS, Fedora, RHEL, Windows multibyte (Unicode) string support
php-gd optional thumbnail resizing
php-intl optional localized text sorting (e.g. e->è->f)
php-curl optional using cURL for fetching webpages and thumbnails in a more robust way