Shaarli configuration

Shaarli configuration


Do not edit configuration options in index.php! Your changes would be lost.

Once your Shaarli instance is installed, the file data/config.json.php is generated:

File and directory permissions

The server process running Shaarli must have:

On a Linux distribution:


In data/config.json.php.

See also Plugin System.


You shouldn't edit those.

login: Login username.
hash: Generated password hash.
salt: Password salt.


title: Shaarli's instance title.
header_link: Link to the homepage.
links_per_page: Number of shaares displayed per page.
timezone: See the list of supported timezones.
enabled_plugins: List of enabled plugins.


session_protection_disabled: Disable session cookie hijacking protection (not recommended).
It might be useful if your IP adress often changes.
ban_after: Failed login attempts before being IP banned.
ban_duration: IP ban duration in seconds.
open_shaarli: Anyone can add a new link while logged out if enabled.
trusted_proxies: List of trusted IP which won't be banned after failed login attemps. Useful if Shaarli is behind a reverse proxy.


data_dir: Data directory.
datastore: Shaarli's links database file path.
updates: File path for the ran updates file.
log: Log file path.
update_check: Last update check file path.
raintpl_tpl: Templates directory.
raintpl_tmp: Template engine cache directory.
thumbnails_cache: Thumbnails cache directory.
page_cache: Shaarli's internal cache directory.
ban_file: Banned IP file path.


check_updates: Enable or disable update check to the git repository.
check_updates_branch: Git branch used to check updates (e.g. stable or master).
check_updates_interval: Look for new version every N seconds (default: every day).


default_private_links: Check the private checkbox by default for every new link.
hide_public_links: All links are hidden while logged out.
hide_timestamps: Timestamps are hidden.


rss_permalinks: Enable this to redirect RSS links to Shaarli's permalinks instead of shaared URL.
show_atom: Display ATOM feed button.


enable_thumbnails: Enable or disable thumbnail display.
enable_localcache: Enable or disable local cache.


url: Redirector URL, such as
encode_url: Enable this if the redirector needs encoded URL to work properly.

Configuration file example

<?php /*
    "credentials": {
        "login": "<login>",
        "hash": "<password hash>",
        "salt": "<password salt>"
    "security": {
        "ban_after": 4,
        "session_protection_disabled": false,
        "ban_duration": 1800,
        "trusted_proxies": [[](.html)
    "resources": {
        "data_dir": "data",
        "config": "data\/config.php",
        "datastore": "data\/datastore.php",
        "ban_file": "data\/ipbans.php",
        "updates": "data\/updates.txt",
        "log": "data\/log.txt",
        "update_check": "data\/lastupdatecheck.txt",
        "raintpl_tmp": "tmp\/",
        "raintpl_tpl": "tpl\/",
        "thumbnails_cache": "cache",
        "page_cache": "pagecache"
    "general": {
        "check_updates": true,
        "rss_permalinks": true,
        "links_per_page": 20,
        "default_private_links": true,
        "enable_thumbnails": true,
        "enable_localcache": true,
        "check_updates_branch": "stable",
        "check_updates_interval": 86400,
        "enabled_plugins": [[](.html)
        "timezone": "Europe\/Paris",
        "title": "My Shaarli",
        "header_link": "?"
    "extras": {
        "show_atom": false,
        "hide_public_links": false,
        "hide_timestamps": false,
        "open_shaarli": false,
        "redirector": "",
        "redirector_encode_url": false
    "general": {
        "header_link": "?",
        "links_per_page": 20,
        "enabled_plugins": [[](.html)
        "timezone": "Europe\/Paris",
        "title": "My Shaarli"
    "updates": {
        "check_updates": true,
        "check_updates_branch": "stable",
        "check_updates_interval": 86400
    "feed": {
        "rss_permalinks": true,
        "show_atom": false
    "privacy": {
        "default_private_links": true,
        "hide_public_links": false,
        "hide_timestamps": false
    "thumbnail": {
        "enable_thumbnails": true,
        "enable_localcache": true
    "redirector": {
        "url": "",
        "encode_url": false
    "plugins": {
        "WALLABAG_URL": "",
        "WALLABAG_VERSION": "1"
} ?>

Additional configuration

The playvideos plugin may require that you adapt your server's
Content Security Policy
configuration to work properly.(.html)