Projects and full-length essays.

  1. Dyer Lum on the Civil and Mormon Wars

    An overly simplified theory of the relationship between slavery, Mormon cooperatives, and capitalism with application to some interesting events in American history.

  2. On Camels, Liberal Myths, and Ferguson

    My commentary on an aspect of the unrest in Ferguson from what I consider to be a Christian perspective. I examine two reactions to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, and identify the liberal myths they reveal. I also make some theoretical speculations about the purpose of both the establishment calls for 'peaceful protest' and the practice of murderous policing. I conclude with a brief look at the benefits of looting.

  3. Loving v. Utah and Mormonism's Embarrassing Saga of Marital Policy

    A look at Utah's fight over Amendment 3 including its parallels to Loving v. Virginia and the Mormon Church's unenviable position as it once again finds itself clinging to an antiquated notion of marriage.

  4. When Police Kill the Homeless

    When police kill the homeless, they often do so with impunity. I've tagged this entry as a 'feature' due to the magnitude of its length more so than of its quality, but it does probe an important issue at the nexus of my libertarian and anti-capitalist motivations. It is my first (and rough) attempt at applying some ideas from the first volume of Agamben's Homer Sacer to the criminalization of homelessness (following Feldman's lead).

  5. Why I Don't Vote

    Remembering Saint Max on this All Saints' Day: A spooky explanation of why I don't vote from an individualist's perspective.


Shorter thoughts and commentary.

  1. Joe Hill, the Preacher, and the Slave

    On the centennial anniversary of Joe Hill's execution, his music, and the theology of his Marxian dialectics.

  2. Who Said It, Bernie or Trump?

    One of those fun internet quiz things.

  3. Clinton and 'Big Government'

    Howard Zinn on Clinton

  4. Day Among Dogs (or A. Cynic Reads Matthew 7:6)

    Dorothy Day is not a pearl to be offered as inspiration to the rich and their representatives; she was a dog and a pig whose works of love and mercy continue to bark at the greedy and trample under foot a society built on inequality.

  5. On The Democratic Party's Immigration Reform

    Nadie es ilegal.