I Just Watched a Presidential Debate (Stein and Johnson)

I just watched my first presidential debate of this election season: the third debate between Jill Stein (Green Party) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) streamed live on RT.com (video below).

Overall I was much more impressed with Stein. They both said some good things, and some not so brilliant things, but Johnson said most of the outright dumb things. At one point he asked, in the typical vulgar-libertarian reductionist manner, “Do I understand that you would like to see the government take over the Internet?” (beginning at 54:00) Stein quickly rephrased the question for him, “I hear you asking the question, Do I support net neutrality,” and then went on to give a reasonable-sounding defense of net neutrality as necessary for keeping the Internet open and accessible.

Stein also spoke highly of the Occupy Movement and briefly about one of her arrests: “I was handcuffed, taken to a secret location, and cuffed tightly to a chair for eight hours” (1:04:26). She may be my favorite presidential candidate ever. But I’m still not going to vote for her.

Video: Final US Presidential Third Party Debate (Gary Johnson & Jill Stein)


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