High-signal feed: projects and full-length essays.

  1. Some thoughts on Kiva's interest rates

    A look at the interest rates charged by Kiva's microfinance field partners.

  2. The Loan, the Witch, and the Market: Microfinance and the re-exploitation of women

    This is my attempt at an introduction to Marxian economics and materialist feminism. Most of the billions of people in the world today already do too much work, particularly women, especially in the so-called third-world or developing countries, and any scheme which promises to improve life by giving poor women _more_ work to do ought to be met and examined with the utmost suspicion.

  3. On the road to May Day: A non-report-back from Denver 2017

    An anecdotal introduction to the continuum-forming typology of begging as a dialectical model for understanding the structure of late capitalist economy.

  4. This Andrew Jackson Jihad: Thoughts from the first forty days

    I wasted an entire month reading about and writing down some thoughts on the first forty days of President Trump's reign. "The king and Haman sat down to drink; but the city of Susa was thrown into confusion."

  5. "Ideas of Max Stirner" by James Huneker (1907)

    A hyperlinked transcription of James Huneker's "Ideas of Max Stirner" as it was published in the New York Times on April 20, 1907. Includes some introductory notes and my thoughts on Huneker's use of the term "Socialism".


Includes less-finished essays and shorter commentary.

  1. In Defense of Not Voting: Frequently Answered Objections

    Frequently answered objections to voting abstention.

  2. A Review of J.E.S.U.S.A.

    An incomplete review of a recent documentary about nonviolent vs American Christianity. It is confusing in the opening, good in the middle, and disappointing at the end.

  3. Homelessness and the Desecration of Democracy in Denver, Colorado

    On the double-lie of democracy and the criminalization of homelessness

  4. On 'Supporting' Riots and Looting

    Trying to answer the question 'Is rioting justified?' and the follow-up 'Is it okay if I disagree with the looting?'

  5. Hypocrisy, Left and Right

    Navigating American political discourse toward anarchism. "Whereas a 'small-government' conservative will insist that in the name of liberty, peace, and prosperity we need to submit to authority, live under constant threat of violence, and resign ourselves to owning nothing, a 'progressive' liberal will accept those conditions at face-value as the axioms of their dreamed-of society."