A Review of J.E.S.U.S.A.

An incomplete review of a recent documentary about nonviolent vs American Christianity. It is confusing in the opening, good in the middle, and disappointing at the end.

On 'Supporting' Riots and Looting

Trying to answer the question 'Is rioting justified?' and the follow-up 'Is it okay if I disagree with the looting?'

Hypocrisy, Left and Right

Navigating American political discourse toward anarchism. "Whereas a 'small-government' conservative will insist that in the name of liberty, peace, and prosperity we need to submit to authority, live under constant threat of violence, and resign ourselves to owning nothing, a 'progressive' liberal will accept those conditions at face-value as the axioms of their dreamed-of society."


The Blockchain for Leftists

The enthusiasm surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency technologies is often fueled by a market fundamentalism at odds with socialism. Still, the Bitcoin-led explosion in electronic currencies and its underlying blockchain technology have introduced new fields of opportunity and experimentation in egalitarian and libertarian economics.


The Loan, the Witch, and the Market: Microfinance and the re-exploitation of women

This is my attempt at an introduction to Marxian economics and materialist feminism. Most of the billions of people in the world today already do too much work, particularly women, especially in the so-called third-world or developing countries, and any scheme which promises to improve life by giving poor women _more_ work to do ought to be met and examined with the utmost suspicion.

SWAT Team Fife

On the inverse relationship that seems to hold between the degree to which police are armed and the heroics of their actions.


Guides to the Alt-Right

Here are some of the better introductions to the alt-right that I've found, just in case anybody wants to waste as much time as me reading about this stuff.


"Ideas of Max Stirner" by James Huneker (1907)

A hyperlinked transcription of James Huneker's "Ideas of Max Stirner" as it was published in the New York Times on April 20, 1907. Includes some introductory notes and my thoughts on Huneker's use of the term "Socialism".

A Look At Bernie Sanders' Electoral Socialism

On the difference between democratic socialism and social democracy, the future of capitalism, and the socialist response to the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.


Day Among Dogs (or A. Cynic Reads Matthew 7:6)

Dorothy Day is not a pearl to be offered as inspiration to the rich and their representatives; she was a dog and a pig whose works of love and mercy continue to bark at the greedy and trample under foot a society built on inequality.

Report Back: Denver March in Support of the Baltimore Uprising (4/29)

My account of a protest I attended in support of the April Baltimore uprising. We had only marched for a few blocks before Denver police began pepper spraying and arresting people. If you don't want to read all my words, you can skip to the 'Videos' section.

Dyer Lum on the Civil and Mormon Wars

An overly simplified theory of the relationship between slavery, Mormon cooperatives, and capitalism with application to some interesting events in American history.


No War But The Class Apocalypse!: Further Reflections on Rioting

In my previous commentary on the social unrest in Ferguson, MO, I suggested that the activities of riots were apocalyptic in their ability to shatter the illusion of legitimacy with which authority masks itself. In this essay I explore the limits of a few of those ideas including a clarification on the meaning of “false consciousness,” the question of (Tolstoyan) pacifism, and a generalization of the virtues of riots to disruptive peace.

On Camels, Liberal Myths, and Ferguson

My commentary on an aspect of the unrest in Ferguson from what I consider to be a Christian perspective. I examine two reactions to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, and identify the liberal myths they reveal. I also make some theoretical speculations about the purpose of both the establishment calls for 'peaceful protest' and the practice of murderous policing. I conclude with a brief look at the benefits of looting.

May Day 2014

My experience in Denver on May Day, and a pamphlet I made out of the Wikipedia article on the Haymarket massacre.

On the Campaign for Liberty's Technology Revolution Manifesto

The contradictory concepts at the foundation of the C4L manifesto reflect, I think, the confused liberal notion of "private property." The term, which in an economic context refers to "private property in the means of production" and specifically the legal right of capital owners to appropriate the products that non-owners create with capital, is equivocated in individuals' minds to "private property" in the sense of being secure in ones' own possessions. By using the same term for very different concepts, the victims of private property (in the capitalist sense) come to associate the very means of their exploitation as being necessary to their security and happiness.

Informant: The Brandon Darby Documentary

Yesterday the NATO 3 were sentenced, and I watched a documentary about Brandon Darby -- an FBI informant who got some kids arrested for making Molotov cocktails at the 2008 Republican National Convention.

When Police Kill the Homeless

When police kill the homeless, they often do so with impunity. I've tagged this entry as a 'feature' due to the magnitude of its length more so than of its quality, but it does probe an important issue at the nexus of my libertarian and anti-capitalist motivations. It is my first (and rough) attempt at applying some ideas from the first volume of Agamben's Homer Sacer to the criminalization of homelessness (following Feldman's lead).

Denver's October 2011 Uprisings

This post is just a collection of links to some of the media covering the protests which started in Denver on October 15, 2011, so I don't have to spam all of them to my linklog.


Chomsky and Zinn and a Total Loss of Nerve

'This is the collapse of the Left. You couldn't have more distinguished people on that list. It's a collapse of the Left. They have in effect put a figurative ring in their nose, and they've said to the Democrats, because the Republicans are so bad, we collapse and we're going for the least worst.'

Fasting With Murderers and Racists for Trayvon

I am fasting for the duration of today in support of California prisoners who have now begun the 24th day of an indefinite hunger strike as they seek the fulfillment of their five core demands.

Occupy for Reform and Profit

The liberal-progressives clamor for the restoration of a healthy capitalism so they might claim their rightful rung on the ladder of exploitation.


My Sentence

I was sentenced last Friday for my crimes against the People of the State of Colorado.

Transcript of Dateline NBC's Exposé of Gabriel of Sedona

After I posted three links to a video of a Dateline episode featuring a small Arizona religious group, two of the three hosts received DMCA take-down notices from the group's lawyer and took down the video. So I pulled out my stenotype keyboard and made this quick transcript of the 40-minute program. Corrections welcome.

Gabriel of Urantia and Spiritualution

"Every physics student knows that the mind seems to move particles when looking through a microscope. This is called the Heisenberg Principle. Therefore we get the equation 'thoughts equal energy'."

North America Is Stirring

As we remember Tiananmen Square today, there are some seriously neat protest movements happening on the ground in North America right now. The Quebec student strikes, Occupy Wall Street, Yo Soy 132. We will reclaim our space from capitalism square by square, park by park, street by street, house by house, mind by mind, and heart by heart. It is those clinging to their things while dwelling in their mansions who need authority and chains-of-command; those of us in the streets have no use for either.

Jesus on [Same-Sex] Marriage

I hate how people try to appeal to Jesus to support their own ideas of who should or should not be candidates for marriage. Jesus' teachings do not so easily lend themselves to those who would rule over their neighbors.

It Is Now Illegal To Be Homeless in Denver

What a depressing Monday. The most positive comment I've read about yesterday's events was from a redditor, 'I don't know what to say, other than fuck the police, their time will come, and the people will rise.' I doubt it.

My May Day in Denver: Trial, Verdict, Sleep-In Protest

I appeared in criminal court for my jury trial, slept in a park, in the morning I received two guilty verdicts and a non-guilty verdict, loitered at the May Day demonstrations, then slept on the 16th Street Mall to protest Denver's proposed urban camping ban.

A Bad Week for UC Police Departments Is a Good Week for Reason and Freedom

Two headlines about UC police departments. First, the task force investigating last year's pepper spraying incident at UC Davis released its report condemning both the administration and the police department and calling the decision to use pepper spray on the peaceful students '`objectively unreasonable`'. Second, the EFF and UCLA reached a settlement in a case against the UC Berkeley Police Department and the FBI stemming from an illegal raid at a radical community center in August 2008. As part of the settlement the FBI and UCBPD acknowledge they broke the law and will pay $100,000 in damages.

Family Research Council on Homosexuality

Homosexuality is unnatural, like when two people with different colored skin get married. I know it can be confusing to keep track of what behavior is natural and what is unnatural (supernatural?), but it is all spelled out in the Manual of Natural Behavior for Respectable Mammals you should have received when you were born. If you've lost your copy, then the Family Research Council can help you out.

Hats for the Homeless Crochet Pattern and Notes

A friend organized a project to crochet hats for the homeless (or other cold people) this winter. She gave us a simple hat pattern to learn and these notes are my attempt to make sense of it and explain to other beginning crocheters, including a schematic diagram.

The Cost of the Occupy Movement

There has been a black bloc presence at almost every occupy camp eviction and march in the country. Wearing all black with their faces covered, avoiding accountability through anonymity, armed and armoured, they're ready to beat people and destroy property. And they're getting paid overtime to do it.


Diode's Appalachian Trail Hike

I spent five months, over two summers, hiking the Appalachian Trail, walking over a total of over 2,000 miles between Georgia and Maine. I hiked the entire distance in two pairs of Crocs (shoes). This page includes the trail reports I periodically made via email, an annotated interactive map, and other info.

Chesterton vs the Anarchist

An excerpt from G.K. Chesterton's account of meeting and losing patience with a philosophic anarchist.



A poem by John Henry MacKay