Denver's October 2011 Uprisings

This post is just a collection of links to some of the media covering the protests which started in Denver on October 15, 2011, the day after the police evicted the Occupy Denver camp (and arrested me).

October 15

The events in Denver on October 15 correspond with a day of global protest, and they apparently prompted an update to the Denver Police Department’s Crowd Control Manual, which was issued on October 19, 2011, as Department Directive 11-07. Recently (January 22, 2016), the folks at Unicorn Riot obtained a heavily redacted copy of that updated manual through Colorado’s Open Records Act. It is available online: “New Document: Denver Police Crowd Control Manual”

October 29

Protesters clashed with police every Saturday for several weeks. October 29 may have been the most violent. A 2012 report by Denver’s Office of the Independent Monitor (OIM) highlighted the events of that day:

The decision was made to immediately address the ordinance violations, and a small group of of officers made verbal requests that the tents be dismantled. Although officers made these requests for voluntary compliance, many were outfitted with helmets and other riot gear, which sometimes provokes crowd response. Many demonstrators became physically aggressive, and there were confrontations between protesters and police. The small group of officers was surrounded, and DPD issued an emergency citywide call for additional police assistance. Officers deployed O.C. spray and pepperballs, among other less-than-lethal force options, to maintain a perimeter or skirmish line. Several civilians were injured during the ensuing melee, and many in the crowd were affected by the O.C. spray and struck with pepperballs, including one civilian struck in the face. An officer was trampled, though thankfully not injured. The incident, and the force used, received local and national media attention, and several complaints were filed with the DPD and the OIM.
— p. 15

The independent monitor recommended that the tactics used by the police on October 29 be reviewed by the Tactics Review Board to assess whether they complied with existing policy. The review board declined the recommendation. See also the Westword’s “Occupy Denver: Independent Monitor Criticizes Police, Department of Safety Over Protest Tactics”

September 12 and 13

Things flared up again on September 12 as the Denver Police Department developed a violent reflex to the sight of tents. (Yes, I know September is not really October.)


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