Amy Klobuchar on making a safer world

Now that Kamala Harris has dropped out (I think everyone has already made all the truancy court jokes), I got curious about the policy stances of the other cop running for the Democratic nomination.

Under the heading "A Safer World" Amy Klobuchar’s website lists four bullet points. The first insists that America needs a stronger military presence in the world. The next three lament gun violence, neglected veterans, and domestic terrorism. I wonder if the American war machine has anything to do with those social ills?[1]

Elsewhere on her site she also calls for increased border security (along with typical Democratic chauvinism about how immigrants need to earn their citizenship), but she disagrees with the way Trump wants to build a wall because his plan “is diverting funding meant for modernizing our military bases”.[2]

If her campaign does gain any momentum, I only hope it is managed as well as the Harris campaign.


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